Heroes of Hellas

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A spectacular intelligence adventure inspired by the heroes of Ancient Greece.

Tragedy! Someone has robbed Zeus´ sceptre with which he rules mortals on Earth. The world is in danger. Luckily you are here to help, right?.

Heroes of Hellas is an intelligence puzzle game set in Ancient Greece and Hades, where you must find the thief and return the sceptre to Zeus.

As you advance through the game, you will find help from the heroes like Hercules, Perseus, etc. Even Zeus lends a hand. If you succedd you´ll get eternal gratitude from the Gods, and have your name written in the Hall of Heroes.

You have to immerse yourself into the mythical world of Ancient Greece. You´ll win trophies and build a palace with the help of Hefesto, the God of fire and the forge. Finally, you have the chance to unblock seven lovely mosaics, each one showing a hero´s act, that you can save to your hard drive and use as a wallpaper.

The main characteristics of Heroes of Hellas:

* You can play any one of seven different heroes.

* Nine legends to explore.

* Seven splendid illustrations to use as wallpapers.

* Unlimited playing time.

* Free updates for later game versions.

* Technical support and user helpline.


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